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The Haunted Apartments - synopsis


Tagline:   Be home by midnight! Consider yourself officially warned!

Logline:   After moving into an old apartment, a father and daughter must follow the strict rules or suffer at the hands of its undead tenant.

Aimi and her father move into an old, apartment building and learn quickly that things are not normal here. The landlord warns them of the rules.  Those brave enough to break the rules are unmercifully killed or tortured by mysterious undead spirits. Aimi begins to see visions of a girl that residents say doesn't exist.  She learns of a girl named Ai who lived here 30 years ago before she vanished one day on her way home from school. As Aimi is driven to find out more, she learns that Ai wasn't abducted, but in fact came back to the building the day she disappeared. Can Aimi learn the horrible truth of what happened to Ai? And what is the dark, disturbing secret that the two girls share?


Copyright ©2008 Happy Together. All Rights Reserved.