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Based in Santa Monica, California, HappyTogether Film & TV is a distribution-driven dynamic independent film production company specializing in packaging creative development, film finance, and the US domestic/ international distribution of motion pictures. We are dedicated to proactively executing our strategic plans to produce commercially exploitable feature films while systematically enhancing the result-oriented worldwide distribution arms of HappyTogether Film & TV.

Founded in 2002 by Anthony Hong Myunghoon TeJumson, Happy Together Film & TV envisions an innovative environment where creative and trustworthy people can be happy together pursuing and achieving their dreams in filmmaking.  We bring films to the worldwide audience while maximizing financial objectives.

About the Founder: Anthony has 20 years of experience in creative communications and is extremely enthusiastic about incorporating his unique and dynamic approach in commercial projects worldwide. Thanks to Anthony’s genuine aptitude and creativity in the film business, Happy Together Film & TV is poised to become a leading independent production and distribution company--tomorrow’s mini-major in the Hollywood film industry.

While President of Business Development at RGH/Lions Share Pictures (now, Echelon Entertainment), Anthony handled over 300 titles in distribution. He also oversaw the financing of major independent projects. He attended eight of the major film festivals and markets every year: AFM, NATPE, MIPTV, CANNES, MIFED, Film Mart (HONG KONG), MIPCOM, and PIFF (Pusan, Korea). Anthony successfully implemented a turn-key combination of production financing and distribution of independent films: “Wisegirls” (starring Mariah Carey & 1995 Oscar Winner Mira Sorvino with a budget of 9.2 M, US domestic: Lions Gate, and major foreign territories: Intermedia.) and “Maniacts” (Jeff Fahey, 3M). Billy Blake, the Producer of “Wisegirls” and “Maniacts”, called him “a man of honor”.

Anthony is dedicated to pursuing a comprehensive US domestic/international film distribution and co-production networks while working with major global film production/distribution companies held in high regard in the industry. Under the new banner of his company, Happy Together Film & TV, he has built relationships with many companies worldwide including: Comcast, AZN Television and Media Blasters (USA); Tokyo Broadcast System and Tohokushinsha Film Corporation (Japan); MediaShowbox/Mediaplex (Korea); Media Logic (Hong Kong).Odeon Entertainment and 3D Entertainment (UK); Dutch Filmworks B.V./Source Investment and Cult Lizenz/Evolution Production (Europe); Balius Distribution (Mexico); and Claxson (Argentina);

Anthony believes that it is global stories that make the whole world want to watch motion pictures—that are always a brand new cultural experience for the rest of world to follow. About 25 years ago, he came to America to continue his education. He received his BA in mass communications from UC Berkeley and Masters in communication from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He also attended the School of Law at University of San Francisco for two years before he joined the Hollywood film industry.

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